Corona's win has created a black cloud of uncertainty surrounding India's tour of Australia.


The pandemic is currently taking shape in the world. Various countries have taken steps to fight Corona. The Australian government has decided to temporarily close the border for six months to prevent Corona. As a result, no one can leave Australia at this time and on the other hand no one from outside will be able to enter Australia. And as a result of this difficult decision by the Australian government, on the one hand, the uncertainty has created the black cloud of uncertainty over the T20 World Cup.

The Corona Virus has made the biggest impact in the sport, with Coroner's Cop going back to major tournaments like the Olympics, and many tournaments have been closed. In such a case, the Twenty20 World Cup will be held in October-November this year. That is why the T20 World Cup has seen a black cloud of uncertainty. In the circumstances where the Australian government has sealed the border for six months to fight Corona, many feel that the Twenty20 World Cup may be behind.

On the other hand, India have a Test series on Australia soil after the T20 World Cup. So it seems likely that if the T20 World Cup lags behind, India's tour of Australia will likely go down. Now the whole thing depends on the Australian Government, cricketers are now looking at when the Australian Government opens their borders.

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