Coroner Cope, a bunch of marriages have been left behind Bangla Hunt


BanglaHunt Desk: China, then it has spread its dominance in Italy, Iran, Spain, America and the corona virus. There is now a procession of death. People are trapped in the middle of the room. India has not been eliminated. Coroner's paw has also been set up in this country to see. The number of victims has crossed 12,000. After the first round of lockdown, the lockdown period has been extended till May 3rd. Outside the barnyard, strict sanctions have been imposed.
In this situation, a number of Tollywood celebrities who were planning to get married this year, but with the victory of Corona and Lockdown, have come back. Actress Pooja Banerjee is on this list. Kunal armor on April 5 With He was supposed to sit at the wedding party. But it collapses. According to the Bengali worship, they were planning to marry. After the lockdown, legalize marriage. Then the reception. But after the lockdown, Pooja is still worried about the financial situation.

When Baishakh was born this year, the thought of getting married was to the Baha of Isti Kutum, that is, Ranita Das and Soptik Chakraborty. In this case it is in the face of cancellation. Ranita said they were worried about how much they could do to overcome the economic downturn.
Six months ago, Saurabh Chatterjee and Tavrita Chatterjee will be sitting in the wedding ring in November or December. But in this case, the wedding plans are delayed indefinitely.

Actors Om and Mimi Dutt rejected wedding plans this year. Manali Manisha Dee and director Abhimanyu Mukherjee have not had a wedding plan this year, but now they have started thinking about when to do it.

Another popular pair of televisions, blue and grass, were also reported to be tied in seven legs in February 2021. The actor, who has not yet said anything about the matter, feels that the plan can backfire.

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