Coroner Cope died around the world! The football tournament is going on in this country, disregarding Hu's instructions.


Right now, the Corona virus is spreading around the world like a fire. Various countries have announced lockdowns to prevent Corona. The government of every country has ordered to stop any gathering. In such cases, various tournaments have been canceled. The tournament, like the Olympics, has lagged behind. Even the most popular cricket tournament in the world IPL is almost closed. Due to the spread of the Corona virus, various sports organizations announced the rest of the tournament to be shot in the gallery, but in the end it was not possible. The tournament has to be canceled.

In the meantime, notice has been sent to every country by the World Health Organization to prevent any kind of public gathering in any country, that is, to stop all sports. But ignoring the instructions from Hu, the sworn in football team is continuing with Tajikistan. They do not want to stop their football league in any case. And in each of those tournaments, thousands of spectators are gathering on the field, raising public acclaim. In such a situation, there is increasing concern as the corona virus is spreading more and more among the people.

Also in various countries such as Nicaragua, Belarus and Burundi, the football competition is still going on. Although the governments of those countries have ordered all such events to be stopped, football companies are not willing to stop the football tournaments.

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