Coroner War: Pakistan seeks $ 1 million in aid to India


BanglaHunt Desk: Firstly medicine and tea, and now money. Imran khan asked for money from the Corona Fund of the country involved in SAARC. While the whole world is in awe of the coronary virus, the Indian government has said that SAARC countries should be united. Through a meeting they were united.

At the meeting, the Indian government asked SAARC-involved countries to set up a fund to combat the coronary virus (COVID-19). The Pakistan government opposed the meeting and sought to corner India by raising the context of Kashmir. Then all the countries condemned Pakistan. And now India has to pay $ 1 million in that corona fund, the Pakistani government is asking $ 1 million for it.

After seeking money for various reasons for various problems, SARRC is now seeking financial help from the treasury of the country in front of the Corona virus. They are now claiming at least $ 1 million. The entire world is now suffering from financial crisis due to the Corona virus. At this time, SAARC appealed to the Secretariat on behalf of the Pakistani Foreign Ministry. This is a conversation between the two parties over the telephone.

Video conferencing took place on March 7 in SAARC-dominated countries. There, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on behalf of India formed the Corona Fund with $ 1 million from India. But Pakistan is seeking $ 1 million in aid from the fund without any funding. While all the countries of the world are trying to protect the citizens of their country from the outbreak of the Corona virus, on the other hand, the Pakistani government has informed the citizens of their country that they do not have good medical treatment to prevent the Corona virus.

The Pakistani government claims they are unable to protect the citizens due to the financial crisis, but on the other hand, they are constantly helping the terrorists to commit terrorist activities. Even in the midst of this crisis, terrorist attacks on Indian border areas continue. Pakistan showed one thing when seeking money, and used it in terrorist activities.

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