Coroner's Cope Salman's Bigg Boss Remuneration, Lots of Lotus Money in One Push


BanglaHunt Desk: No matter how much controversy there is about Bigg Boss, everyone will unanimously agree that this show will undoubtedly be on the list of popular reality shows. This program has not started for less than nine days. The 13th season of Bigg Boss ended just a few months ago.
The 14th season has begun. Various rumors are being heard even before the show started. It is rumored that the show's host Salman Khan's salary has been affected this season. Due to Corona, the actor's salary has to be cut a lot. A lot has changed in the structure of the show due to Corona. It is not possible to keep more people in the shooting set due to social distance. Besides, many safety rules have to be obeyed.
All in all, the producers of the show have to go through a little recession. So they have petitioned Salman to reduce his salary. According to sources, Salman will get a salary of Tk 9 crore per week this season. This amount of money was taken as salary by Sallu Mia in the early seasons of Bigg Boss.

Besides, it is heard that Vaizhan will not be seen in this season or in the shooting set. He will be shooting his part from the garden house of Janvel Panvel in Corona. Besides, the contestants of the show also have to abide by multiple health rules. Inevitably, the salary will be affected. At the same time, it is being heard that the time of the contestants in the house of Bigg Boss may also change this season.

By the way, it is known that the theme of this season is going to be 'Jungle'. A total of 16 contestants will take part this season. Among them are three ordinary people and the rest are all stars. However, like the other times, the producers of the show are keeping a close eye so that no information about the star contestants is leaked. According to media reports, controversial tick star Aamir Siddiqui has been invited to participate in the Big Bash.