Coroner's win is unlikely to be re-ileg.


Right now the epidemic has been spread around the world due to the corona virus. In the event of an extreme crisis in India as well as in the whole world, the Football Federation of India has directed that all types of football be stopped in India, the traditional tournament of India is closed. However, the Football Federation cannot guarantee when the ilig will start again. The AIFF is looking into the current situation.

After announcing lockdown across the country, iLeague has been shut down by the Football Federation, and no one can guarantee when Ileague will start again. The authorities of the federation will decide the start of the suspended iLig. However, it is likely that it will take another two weeks to start iLig, even if government sanctions are lifted. Because iLig has to give players time to prepare for the game, the field has to be fit for play as well.

However, the situation which has started all over the country at the moment, many people think that the possibility of starting an iLig again is gone. On the other hand, the central government has suggested that lockdown could be extended, if Ileague is unlikely to be started. But if Ailig is not started, then Mohil Bagan will be the champion.

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