Coronet swoops over the tigers, crosses the country, Nadia Tiger in New York

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona (COVID-19) panic has created a new problem in the world. Experts say the deadly virus will spread only from person to person. It will not infect animal birds. Nevertheless, the virus was found in the body of a Belgian pet cat some time ago. But this time the virus was found in a tiger's body at the Bronx Zoo in New York. When Corona is tested for physical illness, the tiger report comes out positive.

The New York Zoo has been closed to the public since March 7. Paul Cole, chief veterinarian at the Bronx Zoo, says, “This is the first wild animal that has been infected with the corona virus. However, the tiger has been infected with the virus from a coroner. The infected tiger is named Nadia. ”

Researchers have reported that no wildlife is likely to be infected with this corona virus. But nevertheless, this setback happened. Science mahal is worried about this incident. Doctor Paul added, “Towards the end of March, dry cough was caused by a tiger named Nadia. The veterinary team performed a number of diagnostic tests and blood tests. Then on April 2nd, the four-year-old tiger was examined by Corona. And on Sunday afternoon, the report came out positive. “

In addition to Nadia at the zoo, Nadia's sister, two Siberian tigers and three African lions also had coughs and decreased appetite. Although they have not yet been tested for Corona. In addition, seven zoos have been placed under the veterinarian's vet. The disease is causing concern in the zoo's tiger body.

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