Cough in the street, Kovid hit positive suspicion, death of youth in Maharashtra


BanglaHunt Desk: A young man coughed while walking in the street. Seeing this cough, the crowd beat him with Kovid 19 positive suspicion. The 34-year-old died at the scene. The incident took place in Kalyan town of Thane district in Maharashtra. According to police sources, the man named Ganesh Gupta went out of the house on Thursday morning to buy some necessities. But after going some distance, he saw some police patrolling the streets. Seeing the police, Ganesh tried to go to the shop by another road.

According to police sources, he coughed while passing through that road. Seeing this cough, the people present there suspected that the young man had contracted corona. So they started beating him. Ganesha was seriously injured by the mob. He fell into a ditch next to it. He died there.

Upon receiving the news of this incident, the police of Kharakpara police station came there. They removed the body from the drain and sent it for autopsy. Cases have been filed against unknown individuals. No arrests have been made in the case yet. The situation in Maharashtra has gradually deteriorated since the beginning of the Corona disaster in the country. From the very beginning, this state has the highest number of victims and deaths. Mumbai, one of the largest cities in the state, is on the brink of danger. On Thursday alone, 522 people were affected by the new tax in Mumbai. So far, 18 people have died in Mumbai alone.

6 people have been infected with coronavirus in one day in Maharashtra! 14 people have died. This is the highest one-day increase in the state so far. Raising concerns across the country, the number of victims in the state has risen to 6,426 and the death toll to 263. Of these, more than 4,000 were affected in Mumbai alone.