Coughing on coffin shoulders, Ghana's old tradition of social media has changed


BanglaHunt Desk: Mobile phones are currently deeply embedded in people's lives. And mobile means social media. Eight to eight people are now fans of social media. The Internet is bound to bind people. Thousands of videos are shared daily on various platforms of social media. In the middle of it, several videos become viral. Millions of likes and comments become one video.

Not just people but many animal videos are viral on social media. Sometimes dogs, bears and sometimes tiapic videos go viral on NetDunia. And seeing them becomes a wonder of negativity. Many videos became mimes. Another video went viral on social media at the time of this lockdown. A person wearing some suit boots is dancing on the coffin shoulder to go to the grave. This video is now frequently seen on social media.

This video is actually from Ghana. Although Mim is made, it is actually an ancient tradition of Ghanaians. They think the funeral of a deceased person should be worth remembering. On this last day, a colorful procession was organized, where family members of the deceased participated. And a group of professional coffins are in charge of carrying the coffin. This tradition is an ancient practice of many Ghanaians.

However, music videos are played in Mim video, but in Ghana, local band parties are playing during this genre. These coffins carry the coffin over the shoulder to the place of burial.

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