Countries in the world where millions of people have died due to lack of potatoes, the population has decreased by 25%

Bangla Hunt Desk: Potato is one of the major food grains. It is almost impossible to cook vegetables without potatoes. West Bengal also produces a lot of potatoes every year. Which is also exported to other states. But today we will learn about a sad story about this potato, which will bring tears to your eyes.

Famine in Ireland

In 1845, Queen Victoria ruled Ireland. At that time, a special disease called P. infestans completely destroyed the potato crop. This is a bad time for 6 long years. Irish people spend their days starving due to lack of crops. Thus until 1752 the Irish faced a severe famine.

At this time, about 10 million Irish people died of starvation, and some even died of starvation. In doing so, Irish leaders urged Queen Victoria to repeal the Corn Act. Although grain prices have fallen since the law was repealed, food shortages persist.

Bad impact on lifestyle

Ireland was then an agricultural country. The people there did not know how to grow any crop other than potato production or could not buy it due to lack of money. So during this famine, about 80 percent of the people used to live on those bad potatoes. This famine has had a profound effect on their lives. About 25 percent of the population is reduced.

Native Americans sent help

During this potato famine in Ireland, Native Americans came forward to help them. In 1848, when they learned of the Irish famine, they raised 160 and sent aid. The Irish could not forget the help of the Native Americans during the famine. So now the Irish have come forward with the help of the Native Americans in Corona.

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