Country’s largest edtech company will reduce jobs, know how many people will be unemployed



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The country’s largest edtech company Byju’s is once again planning for retrenchment. For cost cutting and for better operation, the company can cut the strength of the employees. This time the company can say good-bye to about 1000 employees. Let me tell you, even before this the company had fired thousands of employees. This is the second time when the company is making a retrenchment plan.

The process of retrenchment in the country is not taking the name of stopping. One after the other companies are laying off their employees. This time the sword of retrenchment is hanging on the country’s largest edtech company. According to the information, most of the people who will be removed can be involved in on-ground sales. The company hires these people on contract. These employees are hired through third parties.

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so many employees can be discharged

According to the report of Economic Times, this time Byjus can remove about 1,000 employees in the retrenchment. According to the employees, this is not surprising. Actually, Edtech company wants to do cost cutting here. For this, he has to cut down on the strength of the employees. Let me tell you, the growth of the company is currently stalled. The company is focusing on making a hybrid play with the Akash.

The company has already fired employees

In the beginning of 2023, Byju’s fired about 1000 people for the first time. This included people from senior strategy, technology and product roles. However, the spokesperson of the company has refused to say anything about the layoffs this time.

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