Covering the body with just a pillow, Neha ticked in that condition!


Banglahunt Desk: Neha Kakkar is one of the most popular Bollywood singers. He has been in the Hindi music world for a long time. He has established his place quite well. Neha's pair matched the load to win the hearts of the fans by singing one hit song after another. He has a different singer of his own.

At the moment, Neha will be at the top of the list of popular singers. No one can sing old Hindi songs in a new style better than Neha. However, many people know that the activity on social media with him is quite good.

The lockdown is creating a variety of challenges to spend time sitting at home. Sari Challenge Sometimes or the challenge of posting old pictures. But sometimes some weird challenges go viral on social media. One of them is 'Pillow Challenge'.

The whole body will be covered with just a pillow. It should be done in such a way that the style statement appears. Several Hollywood stars have already taken up this viral challenge. This time, Neha enrolled in that list.

The body is covered only with a pillow. That is with the body tied with a belt. The singer caught three different looks three times. Not only that, he made a tickling video. Neha tickled her own song. This video is now viral on social media. More than 34 lakh people have watched this video.

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