COVID-19 is destructive in India! One thousand new coronary patients in just four days


Bangla Hunt Desk: Coronavirus, which is spreading from China to the whole world, is spreading rapidly in India as well. And the Tablighi Jamaat is only for the yeast of the Tablighi Jamaat, the health ministry said. In India, four new coronary infected patients were found in just four days. According to Central Health Ministry statistics, the number of cases of coronary virus infection has increased to 25 in the country this year. Also 3 people died.

Let me tell you, the virus is about to take over the whole country. Corona is spread in 25 states of the country. Dangerous attacks of the corona virus in India can be gauged from the fact that at the first of last month, on 1st March, the number of coronary diseases was only three in the country. The number increased day-to-day by March 8, leaving the number of infected people at 8.

On March 25, this number surpasses 5. And on March 28, the number of coronary patients surpassed five in India. Then the number of coronary patients in India increased rapidly. And in just four days, the number of coronary patients in India has crossed 20.

Corona virus cases have risen to 25 in the country. Attending the Tabligh church in Delhi, the number suddenly increased after getting corona among those people. In view of this situation, the Union Home Ministry blacklisted about five foreigners who had participated in the Tablig movement. According to information received by the Ministry of Home Affairs, three foreigners have been blacklisted by the Ministry of Home Affairs for being involved in a tourist visa. And at the same time their Indian visas have also been revoked.

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