COVIED-19 Notes! Oxford scientists are demanding in September


BanglaHunt Desk: The dreaded virus called COVIED-19! The whole world is shaking. Lockdown is the only way to prevent infection. According to scientists, the only way to prevent the virus – vaccination. Scientists around the world are constantly researching the antidote to this. Recently, University of Oxford scientist Sarah Gilbert has claimed that the Covid-1 Coronavirus vaccine will come out by next September. Gilbert and his team are already confident of the vaccine discovery. The news was recently published in The Daily Mail, The Daily Mail.

Gilbert said he would be able to produce a coronavirus vaccine by the end of 2021. Sarah Gilbert recently told British newspaper The Times, “We believe the antidote will be just as effective as any other antibody we have worked with.” This is not mere conjecture. After analyzing various data, we have come to the conclusion that this antidepressant will be 5 percent successful. ” Although a large proportion of physicians say it takes at least 6 months to begin a new antidepressant, he is confident that the antidepressant will be able to be effective by September. But at the same time, the vaccinologist said, no antibiotic can ever be fully confirmed. He said the decision on human trials would be decided within the next two weeks.

But here's one thing. Vaccines cannot be applied the way a drug can be used to reduce a patient's illness. Because the vaccine has to be applied to healthy people, the patient cannot be vaccinated. When applying the vaccine to a healthy person at this time, it is important to be careful not to react to the point of his body. This requires a lot of step-by-step animal trials and a lot of time. Only when a certain antigen of Covid-1 coronavirus is found can the last word about the vaccine be said. But whether that antigen has been identified is still unclear. So keeping the distance between people without waiting for vaccination at the moment is one of the ways to prevent the virus. “

Referring to the vaccine discovered by Oxford University scientist Sarah Gilbert and her colleagues, Critical Care physician Dipankar Sarkar said, “We are all seeking an antidote to seize Covid-I coronavirus. It may be heard that some people in China have recovered or recovered after recovering. In that case, the vaccine for SARS Cove-2 coronavirus is becoming a gold leaf. Usually after a particular virus infection, our body's immune system is formed against that virus with the help of antibodies.

Infectious Disease Physician Devkishore Gupta said, “Scientists and physicians are still in conflict with the Covid-1 Coronavirus vaccine. Not much is known about this new virus. So the claim that the vaccine was discovered in Oxford, whether it will be effective in our country or in another country, cannot be said right now. In fact, it is necessary to research and test for a long time before any new vaccine can be administered extensively. ” Tikai is the only trust.

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