Cricket is much more popular than football! The ICC proved


BanglaHunt Desk: More than five times as many countries around the world play cricket as football. In other words, the number of countries playing cricket is much less than the number of countries playing football. Yet the ICC, the highest governing body of cricket, claims that cricket is more popular than football around the world. The ICC has not only claimed but also given evidence in this regard.

The fight between football and cricket is nothing new. This fight has been going on for a long time. Supporters of the two games also took part in the fight. However, FIFA has never publicly claimed the popularity of football. Video view on Facebook, the ICC's weapon to make cricket popular. The ICC on Friday claimed that cricket is the most popular sport in the world, using it as a key weapon in combat.

The number of video views on Facebook has been released on behalf of a special organization. It turns out that the videos uploaded by the ICC have a lot more views than the videos uploaded by FIFA. Which is many times more than FIFA. The number of comments on ICC videos is also much higher than other sports videos. Encouraged by this information, the ICC has claimed that cricket is the most popular sport in the world.