Cricketers can trap bookies at this time, BCCI responds to ICC warning


Right now the whole world is spending the day in lockdown for the corona virus. In such a situation, cricket is closed around the world and this time cricketers of every country are spending their days in a very sluggish manner. That is why they are often seen through social media. And I want to use it for those who want to tarnish cricket, that is, cricket bookies. The ICC's Anti-Corruption Branch has expressed concern.

The ICC claimed that there was a lockdown situation around the world for the Corona virus, in which case the cricketers' income was reduced. That's why when cricket starts after the lockdown, cricketers can fall into the trap of bookies to earn more money. The ICC had made such a claim, the Indian Cricket Board gave a fair response to the ICC's claim.

On the basis of the ICC's demands, BCCI's head of corruption department Ajit Singh said that long before the ICC was warned, we had made Indian cricketers aware of this. Indian cricketers will stay away from bookies because they are much more aware. Ajit Singh, head of the BCCI's anti-corruption wing, said, “We have informed the Indian cricketers that this time they will try to connect with you by identifying themselves as your fans on various social media.” Also try to contact you through your known relatives. So live this time with a little caution and awareness.

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