Cristiano Ronaldo dedicates to Serie A fans


The Italian Serie A league was shut down midway due to the widespread spread of the corona virus around the world. After a long break of three and a half months, the Serie A league has resumed. However, the mentality of the Italian giants did not change in any way during this break. Juventus proved once again that they are the last word in Italian football by winning the Serie A league nine times in a row since the start of the league.

However, even in the empty gallery, Ronaldo proved that scoring goals, regardless of age, is a routine task for him. No matter how old he gets, he still struggles to score goals when he gets on the field. His hunger is not satisfied until he scores a goal. Juventus won the day 2-0. And at the very end of the first half, Cristiano Ronaldo, the prince of football, gave Juventus the lead by scoring a goal in a strong short.

Ronaldo is still the top scorer in the current Serie A league with 31 goals. However, CR Seven could have gone much further if he had not missed the penalty on this day. “I am very happy to have won the Serie A league for the second time in a row,” Ronaldo wrote on social media after winning the league today. I dedicate this victory to all my fans, especially those who have fought against this Covid-19 and those who are still fighting with this Covid-19. This victory belongs to the whole of Italy.