Crow bites on lying, know what is the truth behind it?


झूठ बोलने पर काटता है कौवा, जानिए क्या है इसके पीछे की सच्चाई?

From childhood we are taught that we should not lie. It is said about this that its habit not only spoils the image morally but is also harmful for mental and physical health. Apart from these, one thing is said about lies that crow bites when you tell a lie? These things seemed very strange to hear, but due to this fear, many people must have stopped lying. Let’s know how much truth is there in this?

This saying was made because the world’s first liar must have been bitten by a black crow or else the lie is always considered black and the truth white. Apart from this, there is no other bird blacker than the crow, this must also have been an argument, that is why this saying must have been made.

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Does the crow really bite?

Regarding this, it is also said that the number of liars and crows had increased a lot as compared to ancient times. Maybe that’s why they say this! However, all this is just a belief. No one knows how much truth is there in this.

It doesn’t matter if you tell a lie or tell the truth to the crow. These things were said in childhood only so that the child does not get used to lying because no one lies by birth, rather it is a natural tendency. If this is banned from childhood, then a person thinks a hundred times before telling a lie.

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