Crowd overflows in second, thumbs down viral video

Viral video: Sribhumi Sporting is one of the best pujo in North Kolkata. Every year, this pujo gives a new theme to the pandal hoppers. Naturally, on the day of Pujo, the crowd overflowed in the pandal of Sribhumi. The familiar crowd of Sribhumi was seen in the second place in the corona atmosphere. The video is viral

Kolkata's corona infection has risen to the top. The number of infected people has increased a lot in the last few days. But the fact that the pujo-loving Bengalis do not notice him is proved once again in the second. Thousands of people flocked to see Thakur. And as a result, social distance was created.

The viral video shows a huge crowd in front of Sribhumi Sporting. Several children are also seen in the crowd showing their thumbs up to the corona infection. They came to Pujo Pandel holding the hands of their parents. Seeing this, the residents of Net Para are very upset.

The video was posted by a netizen named Rishav Haldar. In the caption he writes, ‘The second Sribhumi. Covid 19K showing thumb ?RIP corona ’. The video went viral after it was posted on Facebook. Netizens have already started discussing this.

Everyone has questioned the ignorance of this responsibility. Their statement is that Pujo will come again but it is very important to stop the infection at this moment. On the other hand, the government has given permission to start the pujo procession in Kolkata from the third day today. Before that, everyone is getting excited seeing this crowd of Sribhumi.