Crowds flock to Sriledars, forgetting social distance, terrified to see viral pictures


viral: do not worship in the air. Normally, the administration expected less crowd from the big markets of Kolkata including Dharmatala. But where is the distance rule? In the Pujo season, the Bengalis showed courage in the Esplanade.

Many have masks but sometimes on the hands, sometimes on the neck. There is no place for two people to fly at a distance of 6 feet. Such a horrible picture of Pujo Shopping has gone viral in Sriledars.

Sriledars is one of the most popular shoe shops in Kolkata. Every year there is an impossible crowd before Pujo. This time Corona is no exception. And the intellectuals from the net crowd are shocked to see this scene.

Writer Debarati Mukherjee wrote in a Facebook post, “Sriledars! Seeing the picture is speechless! If I die, I will die, but I will not die barefoot. Let's go if life goes, Sriledars turn!

Despite so many requests, those who are shopping for Pujo or planning to go out for Pujo have only one request, according to experts, but the second wave of Kovid is coming at the beginning of winter after Pujo, which is much more horrible, the death rate will be much higher. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated in some developed countries, such as the UK. He has invaded Corona-free countries like New Zealand again.

Hundreds of millions of people died in the second wave of the Spanish flu a hundred years ago.

Pujo will come again. Will come again and again. Do not endanger yourself or others for momentary pleasure. ?If you want, go for a walk in the green field or by the river. But don’t crowd. Sincere request. ”