Cummins ‘effect’, Estonia Cricket Association helped India in the Corona War


Bengali Hunt Desk: Pat Cummins, Brett Lee, Ricky Ponting, Sheldon Jacques, Srivastava Goswami have personally joined India’s fight against the Corona epidemic. Harbhajan Singh has also taken to the field on his own initiative against the epidemic. The Kolkata Knight Riders extended a helping hand at the beginning of the epidemic. Seeing Pat Cummins, the Estonian Cricket Association helped India financially.

The Estonian cricket team’s official Twitter page said, “Looking at Australian cricketers, we are inspired to help India’s cowardly situation. Two cricketers like Pat Cummins and Brett Lee have reminded us what to do. We all have to fight shoulder to shoulder in cowardly situations.” We have to take all of us to the side of the cricket family in danger. So we are donating one lakh rupees for oxygen in Indian currency. I hope India will overcome this situation very soon.

Apart from playing 12 Tests, a total of 92 countries now play cricket. Although it is not popular in most countries. Estonia is one of them. However, experts do not think that cricket fans have ever heard of Estonia. The whole world is fascinated by the way Estonia has extended a helping hand.