Cute Video: Baby Rhino gave ‘Hole’ to Wildebeest, the big animal kept the child’s heart like this


Cute Video: बेबी राइनो ने वाइल्डबीस्ट को दिया

Baby Rhino Charges Wildebeest: A video of a baby rhinoceros making cute threats to Wildebeest has gone viral on social media. So far more than 6 lakh views have come on the clip. People are liking this video a lot.

cute video of baby rhino viralImage Credit source: Twitter/@Yoda4ever

A very cute video has surfaced on the Internet from the jungle world. In this a wildebeest can be seen grazing in the field. In the meantime, a baby rhinoceros rushes towards him in a very swag to hug him. Video You will feel as if the rhinoceros is saying- ‘Idhar apun ich don hai’. Believe me, the cute act of rhinoceros will spread a smile on your face. More than 6 lakh views have come on the clip.

Not only humans, the children of animals also have a lot of fun apart from pulling each other’s legs. At the moment, a video of a baby rhino has won the hearts of netizens with its cuteness. In the viral clip, you can see that a baby rhino tries to scare the wildebeest grazing in the field. Now you will think that he is a child. But the wildebeest also acts of fear in front of him. You will also find this very vigorous. After this the baby rhino runs towards the mother thinking that she scared the wildebeest.

Watch here, cute video of baby rhinoceros

This very cute video of baby rhinoceros has been shared on Twitter with the handle @Yoda4ever. User has written, baby rhino having fun with wildebeest. See how he tried to hoodwink an animal bigger than himself. So far, one and a half million views and 34 thousand likes have come on this post. Apart from this, people are sharing and commenting fiercely.

A user has written, it is a very cute video. On the other hand, another user says, seeing the rhino, it felt as if he was going to tell his mother that I had scared him. Another user has written, the way Wildebeest acted in fear is also commendable.

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