‘Daddy will kill me’, the popular actress's plea for help in the viral video


Banglahant Desk: A video of popular television actress Tripti Shankhadhar is now going viral on social media. In the video, the actress says that her father wants to kill her. Satisfaction claims in the video that his father threatened to kill him.

Tripti Shankhadhar, popularly known as 'Kumkum Bhagya', is a resident of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. In the video, she claims that her father wants to marry her to a man of his choice. Tripti claimed that he had threatened to kill her for disobeying her. He shared the video and asked the Bareilly police for help.

Satisfaction in the video says he could be killed if the police do not take action soon. He also said that he had run away from home with his mother. In the video, Satisfaction complains by showing the marks of injuries on his body. These are the marks of injuries given by his father.

His father sent him to Mumbai for acting. So far only one picture of him has been released. This time, Tripti's father wants to forcefully marry a man who is about ten years older than him. “He will kill me,” Tripti said. Today my father has made it clear that he will kill me and my family. I have no other choice. The police are also not being contacted. ”

Satisfaction also showed his mother and brother in the video. He alleged that his father had also beaten his mother. He and his mother escaped from the house of their own free will.

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