Dalit girl from Balrampur tortured like Nirvaya, postmortem report reveals atrocities


Bangla Hunt Desk: A post-mortem report of a Dalit minor girl who was gang-raped in Balrampur in Uttar Pradesh has come to light. The postmortem report found signs of injuries in 10 places on the body of the victim. A case of gang-rape and murder of a Dalit minor in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh has come to light after the Hathras incident. After the postmortem, the relatives buried the body of the victim.

The postmortem report found signs of injuries on ten parts of the victim's body. Signs of serious injuries were found on the minor's cheeks, chest, thighs, elbows and knees. Shahid and Sahil have been arrested so far in this case.

The family of a victim of gang-rape in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, is not satisfied with the police action. The victim's family warns that if all the culprits involved in the incident are not arrested soon, they will take to the streets for justice themselves. According to the families of the victims, if there is no justice, we will burn down the houses of the culprits and then we will commit suicide at the crossroads. The administration is worried about this warning from the family.

The gang-raped girl breathed her last at the hospital on Tuesday. The administration has assured the family of financial assistance of Tk 6.17 lakh from the government as well as a government job to a family member and arrest of the culprits. Four days have passed since the main culprits were not arrested, breaking the patience of the victim's family.

According to the relatives, two, three or five to six people are involved in this incident. Police are still investigating, sending only two people to jail. The rape victim's mother as well as other women in the family also expressed outrage over the case on Friday. The mother of the rapist said that if the culprits were not arrested, they would go and set fire to the houses of the culprits themselves. Then they will commit suicide by pouring oil on themselves at the corner of the road.