Dance to the tune of ‘Rang Barse’, video of Sushant’s Holi celebrations nine months after her death goes viral


Banglahant Desk: Nine months have passed since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. On June 14 last year, Sushant’s body was found hanging in his Bandra flat. The incident caused a stir. For the rest of the month of 2020, Bollywood was in turmoil over Sushant’s death.

CBI, ED, Narcotics Control Bureau, three central investigating agencies are responsible for solving the mystery of Sushant’s death. But as time went on, the excitement of solving the mystery diminished. Nine months later, Sushant’s death is still a mystery.

However, the memory of Sushant has not faded from the minds of the fans yet. A memory of Sushant and Jacqueline Fernandez playing color has gone viral on social media on the occasion of Holi. This is the video of Holi celebration in 2016. Sushant and Jacqueline attend a Holi celebration in Mumbai.

Sushant Jacqueline has been seen dancing to the tune of popular Holi song ‘Rang Barse Vige Chunarwali’. Both are wearing white clothes. Sushant also wears clothes on his head in imitation of Amitabh Bachchan. They were seen dancing to the beat of the song. Sushant fans have become emotional after the video went viral.

Incidentally, Sushant was seen in the drive picture with Jacqueline. After the death of the actor, the brawl started on social media. Producer-director Karan Johar expressed his condolences at that time. He said he was blaming himself for Sushant’s death. He has not had a relationship with the actor for the last one year. It is learned that Karan stopped communicating with Sushant after the failure of the Drive web series.


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The drive series was produced by Karan Johar. This film was supposed to be released on the big screen at first. But it is known that this film was released on Netflix instead of the big screen after holding back the release for 1-2 years. This film has not seen the face of success at all. After that Karan broke up with Sushant.