Dancing like a snake, the young man climbed on the head of the pendulum with bamboo! You can't stop laughing after watching the video

Bangla Hunt Desk: Every day we see a viral video on social media. Just as some videos teach us a great lesson, some videos make us laugh again. I have brought such a video in front of you again today. Even though the video is old, I can't wait to tell you that you will go crazy laughing.

In this viral video, it is seen that a young man is thinking of himself as a snake and is lying on the ground and doing serpent dance. Another thinks he is a snake and is playing the snake's flute with a handkerchief. And Nagin music is playing in the background. Then it is seen in the video that the young man who was dancing like a snake went to the head of the pendulum while lying on the bamboo of the pendulum.

The young man could not be seen dancing like a snake for a while. Shortly afterwards, the young man came down again from the other side of the panderel. This video is going very viral on social media. Everyone is getting annoyed seeing the talent of the youth. We became too. And it is good to learn the dance by watching your video during this festive season. Not one day, one day it may come to work.