'Dashboard' helps 1 lakh people to deal with lockdown in need of grocers, clinics, petrol pumps


BanglaHunt Desk: When the nationwide lockdown was announced, the question arose in the minds of the people that all the shops in Para will remain open? If doctors' clinics, petrol pumps, pharmacies and ATMs are all closed, where will people go if they get in trouble? To answer this kind of question, Bengaluru-based Rip Benefit has created a neighborhood dashboard called Solve Ninja that helps one learn about stores, relief supplies, medical services and more.

The process has benefited more than 1.2 lakh people in 100 other cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Nagpur and Hyderabad. Crop Benefit is an initiative headquartered in Bangalore, which works on environmental, social and civic issues, with an army of 15,000 “ninjas” spread across the country. Kuldip Dantewadia, co-founder of the initiative, told the Deccan Herald, ‘Rip Benefit solves most local problems. The way we go we collect data on a specific problem, understand the issue and try to solve it.

The Corona (COVID-19) epidemic has created this platform to deliver essential services to citizens with the click of a button in a nationwide lockdown. “Technology is a unique component of our work,” said Menaka Raman, who worked on the initiative. We have created a digital platform that enables citizens to add, view and share hyperlocal data that can inform their civic participation. This Neighborhood Dashboard is a city-based open-source geographic information system through which-
1) Provides insightful and transparent mass flow hyperlocal data.
2) Enables citizens, local bodies and government to improve.
3) Helps local government to be accountable. ”

The original version was launched within 48 hours in collaboration with co-founder Gautam Prakash and Rip Benefit manager Rizwan Pasha. Menka added, “In three short weeks we have been able to expand the scope of the dashboard to eleven geographies across India. Citizens can benefit from 40 local projects and have been able to help about 1 million people in need in partner organizations. 1.5 million people are still in need of assistance. However, if the lockdown is extended till May 3, this number will increase further.

The nearby medical store, a grocery store open during the lockdown, and Rip Benefit's dashboard are working to receive relief supplies. You can also avail this service online. You can even find out about stores and medical centers in your area.

In Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and other such metropolitan cities, people are now getting help in corona situation through dashboard. It has gathered more than a million people. These beneficiaries include daily wages and migrant workers. We have set up a virtual control room where team members and volunteers are working collaboratively with NGOs to map the location of needy people. These are mainly daily wages and migrant workers. Rations, medicines and other goods are delivered. Those who are in urgent need can take advantage of this service. In this way different people are being helped in different places.