Daughter-in-law brutally beats mother-in-law by dragging her hair in the street, viral video


Viral video Sometimes rape, sometimes cruelty to animals, negative videos have become a topic of discussion again and again in Netpara. Once again such a horrible video has gone viral.

The video, captured on CCTV, shows a 55-year-old woman being dragged into the street by her daughter-in-law with her hair. Then he started beating her in a very brutal way in public.

The incident took place in Hyderabad. It is clear on CCTV that the daughter-in-law is brutally beating her mother-in-law and her younger son is videotaping the whole incident on his mobile phone.

People on the street try to convince her, but she doesn't listen. But no one came to save the old woman.

After the CCTV footage went viral, the police lodged an FIR against the daughter-in-law and her mother under Section 323 of the IPC. However, the girl claimed that her mother-in-law had turned off the electricity and water in her house.

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