Day after day obscene messages from Bangladesh, bad news about India! Sravanti complained to the Bangladesh High Commission


BanglaHunt Desk: Obscene messages were coming day after day. Actress Sravanti Chattopadhyay (srabanti chatterjee) was being texted from some numbers in Bangladesh. Eventually, Sravanti took action against the senders of those vulgar messages. He has lodged a complaint with the Bangladesh High Commission.

According to news media sources, messages used to come to Sravanti using obscene words for a long time. All those messages were sent from Bangladesh number. Not WhatsApp, only messages came one after another. Even bad things were said about the country. The actress said that at first she did not pay much attention to the matter. He also blocked many numbers. But again the message was sent using a different number.

At that time, Sravanti's husband Roshan advised her to take action against it. He said that once one is seized, the rest will stop texting automatically.

Sravanti works like that. He said they have some relatives in Bangladesh. Complaints were made to the Bangladesh High Commission through them. According to Sravanti, all these messages will stop coming only if appropriate measures are taken this time.

Incidentally, Sravanti had earlier acted in a Bangladeshi film called 'If One Day'. He will then be seen in another film called 'Demonstration'. The actress said that the photo shoot is over. There is only one song left to shoot.

Sravanti has returned to shooting after the lockdown. He has started shooting for the reality show Superstar Family. With that, the escape of the photoshoot has started in earnest. He occasionally shares the photos of those photoshoots on social media.