De Villiers is going to be the captain of the South African team! This is completely false news, said de Villiers himself.


A special news spread on Netdunia on Wednesday. The report said that South African superstar AB de Villiers is going to return to 22 yards after retiring. He will not only return 22 yards, but will also lead the South African team in the World Cup. In an instant, the news spread in the net world. De Villiers, however, claimed that it was false news. And de Villiers is very angry for spreading false news.

A video message from an all-India media outlet said de Villiers' comeback in the national team was being delayed due to the corona virus. However, he will not only make a comeback in the national team, but also the South African Cricket Board wants to hand over the captaincy of the South African team in the T20 World Cup to De Villiers.

De Villiers himself tweeted after the news broke that it was a complete lie, and for several days now I have been seeing rumors circulating that the South African Cricket Board wanted to give me the captaincy. However, I would like to inform you that this news is completely false. There is a difficult situation going on in the world at this time, now it is difficult to understand which news to believe and which not. So stay healthy and don't listen to rumors.