Deadly! There was a terrible accident while standing under a tree to escape the rain, watch the video


There were 4 housing workers taking shelter under the tree to survive the rain. Suddenly, the head of the tree was burnt to ashes. And 4 people who took shelter below fell to the ground. One of them has already died in this horrific landslide, the rest are undergoing treatment.

This incident happened in Gurgaon. Heavy rains started on Friday evening in the Batika Signature Villa area of ​​Sector 12. Four people took refuge under a tree to protect themselves from the rain. Then came the tragedy. Whose video was caught on CCTV installed in the next building. Netizens are getting excited after watching the video that went viral in a moment.

It is learned that one of the four people who fell to the ground has already died and the condition of another is critical. However, the other two are said to be safe. All four were admitted to a private hospital in Manesar. There is one person who died while undergoing treatment in ICU.

On the other hand, while there was some relief from the western storm in the sweltering heat, this time the storm was the cause of the tragic consequences. It is to be noted that this western storm has caused heavy rains with thunderstorms in northern and central India for the last few days.