Deb celebrates Trinamool victory by cutting cake with future wife’s niece, viral sweet video


Banglahunt Desk: The election battle ended on Sunday, May 2. The Trinamool (TMC) has won the election battle which has been going on for almost a month and a half. For the last one and a half months, the propaganda of political parties has been going on all over Bengal. Candidates have also campaigned in the midst of scorching sun and scorching heat. Dev did not stand for election but took part in the campaign on behalf of the party.

He is the undisputed face of the team, not to mention his popularity. Wherever he went in the campaign, crowds of people flooded to see Dev. The MP actor is now much relieved to have won the Trinamool. He didn’t even get a chance to breathe these days. So this time Dev was seen having fun with his favorite people.

And who knows this dear man of God? Amaira is the grandfather’s daughter of the actor’s future wife Rukmini Maitra. In other words, the future of Ameira is Pisemshai. Although there is a lot of age difference between the two, I will mix with Ameira like him. A few days ago, he said that Amaira was coming to Calcutta from Delhi. So Deb celebrated the victory of the grassroots with this small.

Sweet Amaira was seen wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Be Daddy Boss’. Dev and Amaira cut the cake together. The actor thanked both the parties who voted and those who did not. Then the two were seen celebrating by feeding each other cakes and smearing cakes. I didn’t forget to mention that we made the cake ourselves.

Dev celebrated by cutting a cake at Rukmini’s house. He shared that video on his Insta handle. He had earlier shared a sweet picture with Amira. Amira really wants to meet Dev in Calcutta. From now on, he has become a big fan of the future Pisemshai.