Deb cut his hair to his sister in lockdown, Rukmini behind the camera? Speculation is rife


BanglaHunt Desk: Locked down at home. So Dev Adhikari was forced to cut his hair near his sister. He has shared all those pictures on social media. On the other hand, after seeing all those pictures, there is a rumor in Netpara that Dev's girlfriend Rukmini is also under house arrest with him!

Recently, actor and Ghatal Trinamool MP Dev Adhikari shared several pictures on his Insta handle. The picture shows him sitting at home with his younger sister cutting his hair. However, before cutting his sister's hair, the actor was quite scared. But there is no way out of the lockdown. So he was forced to surrender to his sister.

However, he was very happy to see the results in the end. Dev has shared all these pictures on his Insta handle. And there some people found Rukmini. According to them, these pictures were taken by Rukmini. He was caught in the reflection of the glass of the door.

However, neither Dev nor Rukmini has commented on the matter. Both of them are enjoying the quarantine life. Sometimes I will show the light of hope by posting pictures of the rainbow or the sun. On the other hand, Rukmini is sharing one meme after another about the lockdown life.

Incidentally, even though he did not openly admit it, no one is left to know about the relationship between Dev and Rukmini. In this situation, many suspected that they were at the same time in the lockdown. These pictures made that suspicion even more entrenched.