Debelina's viral picture with open back, butterfly tattoo on her waist, excitement on a lazy Sunday


BanglaHunt Desk: Devlina Kumar has established her place in Tollywood in just a few years. Modeling he used to do. Then Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta starred in 'Praktan' and became a well-known face in Tollywood.

However, there is a song behind his rise to the top of popularity. Deblina was seen dancing to the song 'Rangavati' from the film 'Gotra' released last year. The actress's lively dance with the melodious rhythm of the song went viral on Netdunia.

The popularity increased so much that ‘Rangavati Challenge’ started with this song and dance. Debelina's boyfriend Gaurav Chatterjee was also seen participating in the challenge.

Debelina has to go through rigorous physical training to become a model. He keeps himself fit by doing regular gym. The fact that he is very health conscious can be understood by looking at his insta handle. Debelina occasionally shares various videos of exercise.
Debelina shared a picture of her previous appearance on social media. He also inspired the fans by telling them how to get the current ‘slim and sexy’ figure by shedding excess fat.

Just looking at the pictures shared by Debelina on social media, one can understand how lively she is. The actress knows very well how to enjoy life. And this time Debbie has got a lively tattoo like her own.

The actress recently shared a picture on Instagram. There is a butterfly with wings adorning the folds of his waist. Debelina is wearing a red sari blouse and open hair. In the caption, he said, he is coming to this pujo very soon.

Maybe it's a picture of a shoot. Netizens also think that the butterfly tattoo is fake. However, it is needless to say that it has increased the hotness of Debelina. Actor Rajchandra alias Noor of the serial 'Karunamayi Rani Rasmoni' has commented on the film. He wrote jokingly, this time there is not much budget in Pujo. So even if the butterfly sits on the body, the son's wife will bring it next year.