Deblina Kumar and Ratan Kahar sway to the beat of 'Genda Flower' with Badshah, dazzling video goes viral


BanglaHunt Desk: A few months ago, a video was trending on YouTube, ‘genda fool’. The video of this song sung by Badsha and Payal Dev was circulating in people's mouths. But in fact this song was created by a man from Birbhum, named Ratan Kahar.

Bengalis have been listening to this song written and composed by him for a long time. But first the name of the creator was not in the video. There was no harm in acknowledging gratitude. After much debate, only Bengali folk songs are mentioned in the credits.

Ever since its release, the netizens have been divided over the song Genda Phul. According to some, the song has become very popular. The speech of the other part has hurt the mentality of the Bengalis.

The Bengali netizens were very angry at this act of the king even though he later opened his mouth. This time the king appeared with a new bang. Ratan Kahar, the original creator of Genda Phul, was seen singing and dancing with her. Famous tabla player Vikram Ghosh is with us.

This is not the end, actress Deblina Kumar was seen swinging her waist in full Bengali attire to the tune of the song. A teaser of Genda Flower Tabla Folk Mix has been released recently. This fancy surprise has been seen there.

Earlier in the day, Badshah had said, “I tried to find the name of the songwriter but I couldn't find it.” March 26 I know the name of Ratan Kahar. I know he is a great artist. I also know about his economic condition. I want to help him with respect. 'He added that he had no bad intentions about the rich man's BT Lo song. Many are calling him a 'thief'. But he knows how to respect other artists.

He met Ratan Kahar and helped him financially. He even talked about singing together. This time the king fulfilled that promise.