Deepika Chikhlia Birthday: When TV’s Sita became the wife of a terrorist on the big screen, there was an uproar, then she clarified


Deepika Chikhlia Birthday: टीवी की सीता जब बड़े पर्दे पर बनीं आतंकी की पत्नी, हंगामा मचा तो दी ये सफाई

Deepika Chikhaliya

Deepika Chikhlia Birthday Special: Deepika Chakhaliya is identified in the industry by the name of Sita and Ramayana Even after three decades have passed, in the minds of the fans actress The image of Sita is settled. Today she gives interviews and remembers her happy days when she used to shoot for this serial. But TV’s Sita wanted to do anything other than this role, then she got to see opposition from the people.

Now how could people see Sita sitting in their mind doing intimate scenes. Sita’s role was good in terms of her career but not in terms of acting. She was bound in the dignity of this role in such a way that whenever she wanted to get out of this Lakshman Rekha within the scope of her image, she had to face huge opposition from the people. The same happened when she played the role of Afzal Guru’s wife in the film Ghalib.

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Actually Afzal Guru’s son’s name is Ghalib and a film was made on his life named Ghalib. In this, the character of his mother and Afzal Guru’s wife was played by Deepika. But for this he had to face a lot of opposition. In clarification of this, Deepika had said that she did this role under compulsion. Because she became very emotional after reading the script and because of this she decided to act in this film.

Apart from this, even before this, when he did such characters, he had to be embarrassed. She played the role of mother of Tipu Sultan in Sanjay Khan’s TV show The Sword of Tipu Sultan. During that time she was 22 years younger than Sanjay Khan. She played the role of Fatima Fakhrunninsa in this series.

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Was seen in Akshay’s film

Apart from this, from time to time, she has also been doing such scenes in the industry in which she romanced and became intimate. Nobody liked this form of TV’s Sita and she was advised to remain modest. Please tell that now she is getting good roles in Bollywood but she does less films. She has appeared in films like Natsamrat and Bala.

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