Deepika Ranbir, wife of family leader arrested in house arrest


BanglaHunt Desk: Many stars are being detained for coronary infection worldwide. Avoid congregations. No exception is Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Singh. From the gym closed to the fear of Corona infections, everything from the studio to the restaurant. Therefore, they have to do all the work at home. Deepika has not taken responsibility for all the work in lockdown. And Ranbir is bad at it.

Deepika has been working one after another at home. Sometimes for Ranbir, every cook is cooking, sometimes he is cooking the dishes, and sometimes he is raising his hand. The actress was injured in the waist while she was cleaning the house a while ago. Ranbir immediately told him to rest. But Deepika fell back to work because of her eyesight. Ranbir was feeling badly after seeing this scandal. Deepika admits this herself.

A speech actor can not sit silently or in anything. Even in the WhatsApp group of Paribir, Ranbir has denied the allegation in the name of Deepika. However, Ranbir Gharni is enjoying the tossing. Such free time is extremely rare in a busy schedule of both. So both of you want to enjoy these days very much. This is how Ranbir and Deepika find happiness in the midst of the horror of Corona.

Deepika recently shared a post. There was a picture of every post. He also said he had cooked all of them himself. Once again, Deepika did not forget to kill Ranbir along with Ranbir.

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