Deer chewed the snake like this and ate it, watching the video the public said – ‘Ghor Kaliyug’


Deer Eating Snake Video: सांप को यूं चबाकर खा गया हिरण, देखकर बोली पब्लिक- घोर कलियुग

Deer’s video boggled people’s mindImage Credit source: Instagram/@natureismetal

Deer Eating Snake Video: We all know very well that deer is a vegetarian and fills its stomach only by eating grass. You must have read in books also. But what if this animal starts eating snake after killing it. Why, my head got dizzy after reading it. These days, one such video of deer has turned the heads of social media users. Seeing the clip, people’s eyes were left teary-eyed. Because, hardly anyone would have thought that Deer Can eat snake too.

In the video, the deer can be seen standing on the roadside, happily chewing and eating the snake. When a passing car driver caught sight of her, he immediately captured that rare moment in his mobile. Now this video is becoming increasingly viral. People are shocked to see the video. Netizens have seen with their own eyes but cannot believe that deer can also be non-vegetarian. Seeing this video, some people are calling it a terrible Kali Yuga.

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Watch the video here, when the deer killed the snake and ate it

This very shocking video of deer has been shared on Instagram on the account named @natureismetal. The user has written, it is possible that this deer has not killed the snake. But to boost energy, he started eating it. Well, whatever may be the matter, but the strange behavior of the deer has forced people to think. So far 1 lakh 80 thousand people have liked the video, while people are continuously registering comments.

A user has written, very rare sight. This is rarely seen. On the other hand, the other says, it looks as if vegans are getting up at four in the morning and enjoying kebabs. Another user has commented, Deer must have found this ‘plant’ very spicy. That’s why he is enjoying it by chewing it. Another user says, something similar happens when a vegan is intoxicated.

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