Defeat is certain if fight against coronavirus is confined to PM's office: Rahul Gandhi


BanglaHunt Desk: Rahul Gandhi (Modi government) again pierced the Modi government to deal with Corona. He expressed concern over the coming financial crisis in the country. He also lamented the lack of coordination between the Prime Minister's Office and other departments.

The economy continues to suffer in a continuous lockdown. The situation is such that a large part of the people of the country will soon become unemployed. Rahul has repeatedly met with economists about this. At the press conference, Sonia's son once again questioned the Modi government.

He said if the lockdown comes after May 16, the government's next step needs to be clarified now. ‘Defeat is certain if the fight against coronavirus is confined to the Prime Minister’s Office. The rest need to be handed over. “

He further said that the Prime Minister should fight shoulder to shoulder with the Chief Ministers of other states as a comrade-in-arms. The government should stand by the people who have had to accept financial losses due to the lockdown. The corona panic inside the people must also be eradicated. Rahul also suggested helping small and medium enterprises financially.