Defeat! What a terrible danger the intoxication of mobile games brought in the life of Parambrata-Shubhshree!

BanglaHunt Desk: Today, November 14, on the occasion of Kalipujo and Children's Day, the trailer of 'Habji Gabji' starring Shubhshree Ganguly and Parambrata Chatterjee was released. The film is directed by Raj Chakraborty. This film, based on real events, highlights one of the burning issues of the present time.

At this time of the rat race, every human being is very busy. In addition, various smart phones and sophisticated gadgets are pushing people further away from each other. Mobile is now in the hands of everyone from eight to eighty. But the parents do not even understand the terrible danger that the destructive intoxication of this mobile phone is bringing in the minds of children.

Habji Gabji's story is about a small family. With Mr. Basu, Mrs. Basu and their youngest son Tipu. Husband and wife are both working, they don't get enough time all day to give to their son. So Tipu grew up alone from small. In order to alleviate the loneliness of the child's mind, the father handed over the mobile game to his son at an early age. This is where the problem begins.

As Tipu grows older, his addiction to mobile and games grows. He became violent at an early age after drowning in various mobile games. When the mobile phone was snatched, he threatened his parents to leave. Will Mr. and Mrs. Basu finally forget their son and lose their son?

Through this family, director Raj has highlighted one of the biggest problems of contemporary times. He wants to give a message to the parents through this picture, to be by their side as the child grows up. Give them time.

Mr. Basu is played by Parambrata Chattopadhyay and Mrs. Basu is played by Shubhshree Ganguly. After Parineeta, Shubhshree's smooth acting has made an impression in this movie as well in the trailer. However, Raj Chakraborty has not yet announced the release date of the film.