Delay in food delivery, Zomato delivery boy blows nose after canceling order in anger


The trend of ordering online when needed is increasing day by day along with cooking at home. Although it has many advantages, sometimes it also has its disadvantages. However, the fact that it will cause someone to blow their noses is probably beyond everyone’s comprehension. Strange as it may sound, this is what happened in Bangalore.

Like the rest of the day, Chandrani ordered food at Zomato. The delivery time was around 3:30. But even after 4:30, the food did not arrive. Reggie called Customer Care and demanded that the order be canceled or given for free.


In the meantime, Delivary Boy appeared with the order. The young woman tells him to wait, engages in customer care, and tells the delivery boy to take the food back. That’s when Delivary Boy punched and blew the girl’s nose.

Immediately, the young woman started bleeding through her nose. The young woman shared the video of the whole scene on social media. Then it goes viral in an instant.


It is known that the nose bone of the young woman has been broken. Later the operation had to be done. As soon as the video spread on social media, Zomato apologized to the young woman on Twitter, saying, “We don’t understand how to apologize. We are very sorry about the incident. Believe me our food delivery system is not so bad. The local police have been informed. The offender will be punished. “Zomato is ready to do whatever treatment is needed for your treatment.”

Delivery Boy’s weird netizens are weird. The Bangalore Police has already started a full investigation into the incident.