Delhi police in strong mood over Tabligh church: bank accounts, PANs and tax details sought


Because around 4 million people worldwide suffer from coronas. There are people from any country who join this group. In addition, people from abroad also joined the Tabligh Jamaat. In such a case, Delhi Police is investigating the team from every party. Delhi Police have learned that there were about 8 radicals in Morkaz who had symptoms of the corona virus.

There were more than two thousand foreign nationals. At the same time, there were Indian Jamaatis, the Home Ministry going to blacklist the Indonesian Maulana belonging to the Jamaat. This means that they will no longer be given a visa to come to India.

And this time, the police have asked them for information about the source of money for Almi Marqaz and its Nizamuddin headquarters. Apart from these three details, the identity card, PAN card and Jamaat have asked how much tax has been paid in the last three years, how much money came into their bank account.

Many foreigners participating in Morocco did not comply with the guidelines for granting visas. According to Home Ministry sources, visa rules prohibit religious propaganda, attendance at any event for religious speech. And that is why the government may declare a ban on the life of foreign missionaries. A list of foreign and Indian hoarders who participated in the 'Joint' event held from March 1 to 7 has also been sought by the chief of Mawlana Saad and six other members.

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