Delhi shopkeeper ran amazing scheme with 2000 note, people said- ‘What An IDEA Sirji’


दिल्ली के दुकानदार 2000 के नोट को लेकर चलाई गजब की स्कीम, लोग बोले-

Made a cool plan to increase shopkeeper business Image credit source: Pixabay

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has decided to withdraw 2000 rupee notes last week. But till September 30, it will continue to run in every market as before, but now the problem is that without thinking, people are looking at this note as ‘enemy’ and are trying to destroy it in a wrong way. There are many people who are looking at this decision like demonetisation and why not, when they go out for shopping with this note in the market, now the shopkeeper makes a strange face on seeing it, but there are many shopkeepers who have smartly Seizing this opportunity. Whose picture is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet.

The picture going viral is being told of the shopkeeper of GTB Nagar, Delhi. In which he has written a poster that ‘Give us a note of 2000 rupees and take goods worth 2100 rupees from Sardar Pure Meat Shop, GTB Nagar’. To make this poster creative, he has also put a picture of 2000 thousand note in it, which is now becoming increasingly viral.

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see picture here

This picture has been shared on Twitter by an account named @sumitagarwal_IN. With which he wrote the caption, ‘If you think RBI is faster then think again because Delhiites are smarter. What an innovative way to increase your sales!’ On seeing this picture, people started sending more pictures. Let’s see who has shared what.

shopkeeper giving advice to woman

awesome idea

who will buy so much meat

customers started leaving their homes

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