Delhi should teach Beijing, China has bowed before India in 2020! Claims US intelligence

BanglaHunt Desk: India excelled in foreign policy during last year’s epidemic. According to the top US intelligence agency, India, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, pursued an aggressive foreign policy in 2020, which was based on the idea of ​​demonstrating the country’s strength and providing security in the militarily important Indian Ocean region.

The Defense Intelligence Agency also told US lawmakers that New Delhi has also taken strong action against aggressive China. “Throughout 2020, the government of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has adopted a special foreign policy that demonstrates the strength of the country,” Scott Barrier, the agency’s director, told the Senate Armed Services Committee while addressing the US Congress on global issues.

He said on Friday that India had played an important role in providing medical equipment to the whole of South Asia, Africa and West Asia in the early days of Corona and rescuing Indians and other South Asians from areas affected by the virus.

He said that when China tried to cross the disputed Line of Control (LoC) into India in 2020, New Delhi took a hard line against Beijing after a rift in bilateral relations. He said that after the clashes between India and China in the Galwan Valley in June, New Delhi had asserted its rights in the disputed area by deploying 40,000 additional troops, artillery, tanks and aircraft.

Barrier added that India also took financial action against China and banned Chinese mobile apps in the country. He said India had also taken tough action against Pakistan and would not send a diplomatic message to India unless it stopped providing financial support to anti-militant groups.