Delivery boy Shovon on duty in Kolkata’s knee-deep water, says Kurnish Domino’s


Bangla Hunt Desk: The biggest thing for an employee is work and discipline towards that job. Under no circumstances should a soldier shy away from his duty. This time, Domino’s activist Shovan Ghosh caught everyone’s attention by making such a beautiful example. Shovon works for the company as a delivery boy. His job is to deliver the food as per your order. But he was the one who drew attention to the resources in the final conscientiousness. On the one hand, last Tuesday, when the people of Kolkata were breathing a sigh of relief in the drizzle after a long time. That’s when the work became very difficult for delivery boys like Shovan

In Kolkata, it does not take long for water to accumulate in the streets due to light rain. It is difficult to travel, but there is no holiday. As soon as the rain stops, they have to go out on the road for someone waiting for education. There should be one knee of water under the feet or a huge fear of panic of the poets around. Whatever the situation, it is advisable to deliver the food exactly as ordered. This time Domino’s paid tribute to his outstanding commitment.

They shared a picture of Shovan from their Twitter handle. Shovan is seen standing on one knee in the water for food delivery. On the same day, the caption reads on behalf of the company, “A soldier never takes leave from his duty. Our troops came in blue clothes, delivering hot fresh and safe food to everyone even in the heavy rains of Kolkata.

We salute Shovon Ghosh on behalf of our Domino’s Food Soldier for his outstanding performance. Who has ensured that no matter how bad the situation is, the food will reach you. These are the real brand ambassadors of our company. ”

Not only the company but also the general social media netizens are appreciating Shovan for his conscientiousness. If the pizza doesn’t arrive in front of the house in half an hour, many of you and me get hot. Maybe no one even thinks about how hard work deliverymen like Shovan have behind it. Those who ignore the storm rain are always on the road.