Demand for compensation from China is brought under the international law

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spread all over the world from China (China). The virus has slowly devoured the entire world. All countries are now blaming China for the virus. In the meantime, The Henry Jackson Society called for a lawsuit against China for spreading the Corona virus worldwide.

According to a report from the London Bureau of the Sunday Morning Herald, “The Henry Jackson Society” says China should be sued to spread the deadly Corona virus. And as a result of the virus, all countries should be financially compensated by China. The Corona virus has caused at least $ 1.3 trillion in damage worldwide. This amount was reported from the G7 country. During the lockdown, everything was closed and this huge amount of financial loss occurred all over the world. So China is obliged to pay this compensation.

Along with Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhou Lijin, other Chinese leaders also called for the report submitted by The Sunday Morning Herald to be complete. Their claim, that the Corona virus spread from China to the whole world, is completely wrong. There is no truth to this news.

Many in the international media have also spoken out in protest against China. It has been said that the corona virus spreads to the seafood market from Wuhan's Virology Lab in China. From there it spread all over the world, including China. But at first, China denied this information completely.

Earlier, the United States had sued China for $ 25 trillion in compensation for the Corona virus outbreak. An American company claims that China learned that the virus has spread all over the world, causing the virus to spread in the United States. In addition, they claimed that the Chinese government developed the tool at its virology lab in Wuhan. The role of the Chinese Government, the Chinese Army, the Director of the Virology Institute of Wuhan and the Major of the Chinese Army are in this regard.

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