Demand to ban Chinese food market has spread all over the world, mostly from viruses

BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is now scared of Corona (COVID-19). All countries continue to confront Corona in their own way. But in this situation, China (China) is still not ashamed of the point. China has reopened the market from which the Corona virus originated. But now the world wants the Chinese market to shut down completely.

On the one hand, thousands of people are being killed by the deadly Corona virus worldwide, while on the other hand, the sale of bats, cats and dogs in Seafood Market in China has resumed. Many other marine and animal meat, including pigeons, snakes, dog meat, and giant octopuses, have begun to be sold again in the Chinese market. This type of virus is born every day from the Chinese market.

It was said on January 12 that the epidemic was linked to the Corona virus from this seafood market. The whole world is scared of this market. He is believed to have originated from Corona virus from the Buckwheat sold in this market. Meanwhile, again, China is claiming that China's epidemic is over, and there is no cause for fear anymore. Now it's a problem in another country.

The world is now stunned by the corona virus. Lockdown is underway in many countries around the world. But even in this situation, the sale of livestock meat in the Chinese feed market in Wuhan, China, continues to grow. It is said that security personnel have been appointed in that market, so that no one can take pictures of the market. People in China often eat wild animals for a long time. Because of this, wildlife has been exported to China from different countries of the world. In this situation, different countries of the world are being vocal against China and this market in China.

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