Demonstrating India's strength in the US presidential election, both parties want the support of Indians


BanglaHunt Desk: Be it China or America, nowadays India is ahead of everyone in terms of praise. But before the election in any country outside the world, they set out to establish friendly relations with India.

Joe Biden's love of India

The United States has elections at the end of the Trump administration next November. In this fight, Joe Biden of the Democratic Party has entered the field as the opponent of the current US administration Donald Trump. “If I can win this election, I can strengthen America's relationship with India,” he said. In the future, America will always be by India's side.

“I played a key role in completing a historic deal with the United States 15 years ago,” said Joe Biden, 8, at an event marking India's Independence Day in the United States. But I would say that the deeper the friendship between India and the United States, the more secure the world will be. “

All kinds of American relations with India will grow

Joe Biden, who served as vice president under former US President Barack Obama, said he would work closely with the United States on business relations with India and, above all, global health security if he were to establish himself in power.

Indian citizens are welcome in America

He also said that more emphasis would be laid on democratic issues between the two countries. In addition, more citizens from India will be allowed to come to America. To sweeten its relations with India, Kamala has chosen Harris as its Vice Presidential candidate. However, the idea is that he is doing this to get the votes of Indian citizens residing in the United States.