Demonstrating strength on the tourist car, the tiger started pulling the car behind – viral video

BanglaHunt Desk: Every day various types of videos go viral on social media. Sometimes people, sometimes animals and birds. However, if that animal is a tiger again, then it is not protected. Although it is fun to watch from the edge of the mobile, the fear of the person on the other end of the mobile screen makes the blood run out.

A few days ago, we saw a tiger suddenly move among the tourists on the road in Himachal Pradesh. But instead of intimidating people, he entertained them and left. Far from biting anyone, not even a scratch by mistake. Beral plays with people like a pet cat. Sometimes the sleeves of the tourists' clothes, then sometimes they went around.

However, in recent days, another video of a tiger has gone viral on social media. It's hard to have fun watching that, some people lost consciousness just by watching the video. The video is from Banerghatta Park in Bangalore. On January 15, a woman shared this video from her own profile.

In the video, a tiger cub is seen venting his anger on a tourist car at Banerghatta Park in Bangalore. To express his anger, the tiger cub pulls hard with the bumper teeth of the car. Although the people in the middle of the car tried to chase away a lot, Bagh Babaji didn't care, showing his anger and pulling the bumper of the car. As it is a small tiger in terms of age, the passengers in the middle of the car have somehow survived. However, if the adult tiger was no longer protected.