Demonstrations around the world against Pakistan, protesters took to the international stage demanding withdrawal of support

Bangla Hunt Desk: Demonstrations took place all over the world against Pakistan on the International Day for the Abducted Victims. In Britain, many demonstrators gathered outside parliament and chanted slogans against the Pakistani government. Many demonstrated outside Prime Minister Boris Johnson's residence. On the other hand, the persecutors of Sindh, Baloch and Pakhtun Khan in Canada have exposed the persecution of Pakistan to the whole world.

In Toronto, Canada, members of the Baloch, Sindhi and Pakhtun groups have called on the United States and the international community to press the Pakistani government to end the abduction and forcible conversion case in Pakistan. Leaders of the Baloch International Movement, the Canadian Pakhtun Council, the Pakhtun Tahfuz Movement and the World Sindhi Congress have called the Pakistani military an oppressor in Balochistan and Sindh. Outside the residence of British MP and Pim Boris Johnson in London, the Sindhi-Baloch Forum and the Free Balochistan Movement protested against the repressive regime in Balochistan.

The demonstrators told the story of Pakistan's atrocities in Balochistan to the whole world. Defendants appealed to Boris Johnson to take strong action against human rights violations in Balochistan.

Demonstrations in Britain and Canada called on international organizations to withdraw their support for Pakistan. With banner-posters, activists say thousands of innocent Baloch have been arrested in Pakistan, never to be seen again. Many of them died in police custody, they said. Defendants requested that a committee be formed to investigate the matter.

Protesters in front of the Pakistani embassy in New York City on Sunday also protested against the abduction of minorities by the Pak army and Pak agencies. The protest was in support of those who have been disappeared by the Pak agency and the Pak army. The protesters included people from the Sindhi, Baloch, Pakhtun and minority communities.

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